Thursday, November 3, 2011

C&R: Four Years In the Making...

We just got off the phone with Jonathan McCrory, our TMTC mentor for this project. He has an extremely demanding schedule and in fact, folks, he's meeting our Vice President of the United States. TONIGHT! I thought I was fancy rubbing elbows with my magazine's cover stars. Simply wow. I highly recommend you learn about the show in DC premiering this week - I'm still learning how to blog, so follow this link:

I'm sitting here at my money maker - the day job - and it's a really cool gig. I plan parties, sip on cocktails and make clients happy. If you asked me four years ago if I would have known I'd be in this position, would I have said yes?

This is such a transformative process. At the opening of the conference call, Jonathan is running ten minutes late and I hear the vehicles whirring by...clearly he's in transit. Even so, I can feel his radiating pearly whites over the headset like infectious excitement and passion distinctive of his character.

He speaks, I jot notes on my desktop.

...It's true...what an exciting time to tackle womanhood. Bloggites - did you realize that my co-collaborater will be having a son? Go nudge her and wish her congrats; don't be shy. I'll wait while ya do...

Jonathan exclaimed: What an exiting time to be doing this project and tackling womanhood and babies! I look forward to you exploding on stage and finding your voices throughout this project. The big challenge will be that you are learning each other's've never worked together before. Together, you will find a mutual understanding and rhythm...

I want you to see who I am

The real me
The one beneath the surface
Take a look.
Take a peek.
Creep in.

I want you to see me with my hat off.

Do you see me smiling?
SmiLe FoR ThE CaMeRa

Sing it Louise:
let me entertain you.
let me make you smile.

Who do you think you are?

Are you thinking of me?
You better think…

Whatever you think of me, you’re wrong.

You think what?
That’s what you think about me.

Well, whatchu think?

Pero muchacha déjà de pensar
Y hazlo

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