Wednesday, January 4, 2012

C&R: On Excellence...

All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.
- MLK, Jr.

Oftentimes when we watch interviews of accomplished professionals in business or the arts, excellence is mentioned. I live my life with that intention. As Rajeeyah and I move into the next phase of development toward the presentation, the people we trust to review our material and provide insight are valued.

In grammar school, our motto was: Strive for excellence.
Growing up in Jersey City - a diverse melting pot of nationalities and identities has shaped me to be an open individual who is willing to embrace the potential and drive that others provide.
My birthday falls on Martin Luther King, Jr. day this year - JANUARY 16th (presents are welcome lol). He was such an influential Capricorn - look, my birth date falls between powerful individuals. January 15th - MLK born ---> January 17th - Michelle Obama born. Do you see what's missing? Yep - Christiamilda Correa on national calendars, are you with me?

This piece is speaking to me - it's aching to be born already. Every night in my dreams, I see the show..."SING IT OUT LOUISE! LET ME ENTERTAIN YOU, LET ME MAKE YOU SMILE!"...wait, that show was produced already. "A STAR IS BORN"...wait, that one too.

I'm trusting this process and know in my heart that since Rajeeyah and I are approaching this piece with integrity and from a raw, honest place and are people who demand excellence in all we do...fellow audience member, we are in store for a darn good piece of theat-re!

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