Monday, October 31, 2011

CJD: Corner Talk...

I admire Danny Hoch....and I think this piece has a lot to do with what "Tapes" wants to do.

The big question: How profound can we be as a whole society when the formerly silenced are given a mic?

Plus, this poem is dope. As is Hoch.

CJD: 8 days of listening.

So, there's a tradition in Yoruba culture that a child is not acknowledged with a name until the 8th day of life. That means, the newborn will go 7 whole days on the cusp between something a lump of needs and a person. This is the result of the realities of infant mortality, but also the high value of Legacy. It is only on the 8th day that the child will step into their name, one mulled over and chosen with weight and awareness. When that name is said aloud, the crying collection of organs becomes a lovely Imani, a charming Djasi, a strong willed John, a graceful Victoria.

Our names are the first definitions of us. We did not choose our names ( for the most part), but we are shaped and defined by them regardless.

As I have tore through the beautiful tragedy of 9/11 and memory for this play, formerly known as "Skyscrapers Over Broadway", I realized that I never gave "her" (my ambitious and complicated child/play) a proper chance to EARN her name. She came out the womb named and stamped. However, perhaps there is some merit to listening for 7 days, hearing how she feels in the ear, and let her name simply come. And so, when September 11th, 2011 rolled around, that just what I did. Listen.

Here's what I heard:
Blocked words
Ash grey
Hard Humor
Too Soon Jokes
The Right Questions

in the days following, i found myself watching and listening to friends, strangers, the voice of Ground Zero, I kept hearing the word "Tapes", as in recording devices, wax, literal voices on wax, tapes on the planes, tapes of the day. There is so much held in what we hear, so much exciting and new sound; We hold so much based on what we take in audibly, and sometimes, the right sound at the right moment can recall memories you never even remembered you had.

She named herself. "Tapes". I like it.


It's HALLOWEEN! Today we have permission to play and dress up like our alter ego. I'm Miss Gotham =) Below is an excerpt from a freewrite about being back in the rehearsal room.
... RAWR!
I am a firecracker!
look @ me!!
hold up a mirror & be the reflection
Today, I felt vulnerable - Oh my god
It's happening we're diving in
Just sloooooooooow down
Who is this person I'm working with?
I don't know her?
Here we go - diving in - no more dipping
my toe...Swooosh the water over my head
Swoooosh I'm swimming
I'm in my mommy's belly
There is a third person in the room
How do we celebrate our woman (cross out)
our community? how do we celebrate?

C&R: Working things out

The idea of the mirror... of reflection... of the lens through which we see ourselves continues to come up. Today we had a great conversation with Josh Young (Guggenheim Theater Technician) about how we might portray that idea in the piece. His openness and willingness to share his knowledge and experience was reassuring. I'm looking forward to what will come. I left the conversation appreciating the value of collaboration. Thanks to Christie for thinking of/reaching out to Josh and thanks to Josh for making himself available even at this early stage when we're still working out the shape of things!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

C&R: Do What You LOVE

This project is so important to Rajeeyah and me because we are embracing the NOW. We have given one another permission to create a piece of work and be at the forefront of our creative process.

Friday, October 21, 2011

C&R: Work in progress - The Beginning

The question arises: what have we failed to celebrate? As women, what are we overlooking each day? Aside from birthdays, promotions, graduations, anniversaries….what will we celebrate? How will we celebrate?
We talked about being a mirror for one another – that at this point in our lives we have been given an opportunity to see ourselves through one another. The things that we have asked for have been given...Moving reawakened the side of me that is not afraid, while speaking challenged the side of me that is. So this first day was about us…where we are, why we’re here and what we share.I thought it might have been about our mothers or women in general. But it was simply and beautifully just about us…in a dance studio in New York City.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

TMTC: Introducing 2011 Ladder Series Artists!!

Meet the 2011 artists for The Movement Theatre Company's [TMTC] Ladder Series. TMTC is excited to be supporting these artists as they spend the next 8 months developing their idea into a presentation in April.