Monday, October 31, 2011


It's HALLOWEEN! Today we have permission to play and dress up like our alter ego. I'm Miss Gotham =) Below is an excerpt from a freewrite about being back in the rehearsal room.
... RAWR!
I am a firecracker!
look @ me!!
hold up a mirror & be the reflection
Today, I felt vulnerable - Oh my god
It's happening we're diving in
Just sloooooooooow down
Who is this person I'm working with?
I don't know her?
Here we go - diving in - no more dipping
my toe...Swooosh the water over my head
Swoooosh I'm swimming
I'm in my mommy's belly
There is a third person in the room
How do we celebrate our woman (cross out)
our community? how do we celebrate?

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